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Guide to the Lexicon

Like previous lexicons, this one is probably intimidating to anyone who didn't participate. I've started a guide to the lexicon, but have only done A through H; I'll work on it tomorrow if it hasn't been finished by then.
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Good idea with the guide, and a "well done" to you for starting it.
I think we can benefit from another division method, though. The division into "people" and "groups" strikes me as similar to dividing the entries according to color - it doesn't actually mean that much to the new reader.
I think a thematic division would serve better - the Valde Bellum, Legal Minutae (as you said), Protests against the council and outright defiance, demonstrations of the council's power and so on.

Thankfully we don't have to choose, we can just have both. I'll try to find the time to work on it tomorrow too.
[looks at watch] Damn, concept session for new Nobilis campaign in two hours... not ready...
Yes! As noted (and in the Lost 500 guide), my categories are just the way I thought of things, so please add your own (yay for hypermedia having no set physical organization)!

On a possibly-related note, I've thought a bit about turning a lexicon into a printable format (e.g. the PDF Of Lord Entropy's Rule). Problem: So many of our entries are aggressively hyperlinked not just within the lexicon, but to other lexicons and non-lexicon topics. Footnotes might help translate this to the printed page, and might make it look properly "scholarly", but I eventually decided that too much would be lost in translation.
I disagree on the viability of the PDF format. I spent some thought on the subject and realized that the majority of our out-of-lexicon links keep going to the same ten-or-so places (Noble, Ananda, Society Of Flowers, Joktan, and so on). For the rest, I think footnotes would do.
The guide is now up-to-date with all existing entries. If you finish an entry, it'd be cool if you could categorize it in the guide (though it's not the end of the world if you don't).