Nir Shiffer (shiffer) wrote in nobilis_lexicon,
Nir Shiffer

Looking for the Florilegium.

Wow, this hasn't been used in a while. Still seems to be working, though. All members still acounted for, all interfaces still operable... and with me no longer on the Nobilist it seemed the fastest way to do this.

So yes. I need the Florilegium. All of it, or close enough to make no difference. Standard methods have turned up nothing, and so I turn to you. Does anyone know where I can find it now, or has an archived copy that can be mailed/webtransfered?

Eternal gratitude guaranteed...
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Deleted comment

Hi, would you please delete my email address from your post. It's been responsible for some spam I've received.


PS - I don't have those files any longer.
I could not edit the post. Only the writer can do that, and I have no way to be sure he'll even see your request. As a safety, I've deleted the whole post (which, given that you do not have the file, I feel is safe).

trickylaughter, if you came here only to find your comment deleted, my apologies.
No problem... I shouldn't have posted the email anyway, in retrospect.
Sorry about that... I should have known better than to put your email in LJ anyway.
That's not all of it. That I have, but it's missing a lot.